Raul D  (30 March 2011)
"Re: Susan Waigwa, and God's Calendar and a dream"

Susan Waigwa
you asked "We are currently on 5771 if I am not mistaken."
If one follows the bible standards of time the calendar looks very different. I hope this
helps explain what is being said about still being in the year 2010 - 5770
Esther 3:7 "
In the first month, that is, the month Nisan",
                " the twelfth month, that is, the month Adar".
Exodus 12:2 This month ( Nissan )shall be unto you the beginning of months:
                  it shall be the first month of the year to you.

From Nissan 1 to Adar 29 is One Jewish year.
     With a leap year its from Nissan 1 to Adar Sheini 29.

March 16, 2010   to April 4, 2011         is the year 2010 (5770)
April 5, 2011        to March 23, 2012    is the year 2011 (5771)
March 24, 2012   to March 11, 2013    is the year 2012 (5772)
March 12, 2013   to March 31, 2014    is the year 2013 (5773)
April 1, 2014        to March 20, 1015    is the year 2014 (5774)
March 21, 2015   to April 8, 2016         is the year 2015 (5775)
April 9, 2016        to March 27, 2017    is the year 2016 (5776)
March 28, 2017   to March 16, 2018    is the year 2017 (5777)
March 17, 2018 Nissan 1 and is the first day of the year 2018 (5778)

many christians had Visions, Dreams and Fleeces confirming a
2010 - 5770 rapture including myself. Back in Sept i prayed to the 
Lord to confirm for me if indeed the rapture will happen in 2010 
like i heard Pastor Sandy Armstrong preach, and to confirm this to me to give either myself or my 6 year daughter dreams of heaven, not to far off in Sep 25th she had her first dream  of heaven and she had 3 more after that one and she describes everything in heaven with great detail like the Lord's appearance, the many winged angels including the one that was with her these 4 dreams was a 4 winged angel like in Ezikiel 1:6, and many people also there. She told the streets are made of gold and also the side walks and they have diamonds in them, she seen every one there in dresses ( robes ) she seen her home in heaven and was given a tour by Jesus who hugged her and told her He love her and the whole world very much and the Lord took water in the palm of His hand from the fountain and gave to her to drink, she has a two story home made of gold with pink colours also she drew her home the Lord her angel her garden for me to see, she has a pool or bathtub shaped has a heart, and told theres no fridge in her home, she has a fruit tree in her garden and a fountain, and also seen my home also, the angel asked if she wanted to see daddy's home, all is made of gold.
The flowers were singing in heaven. She even seen big tables in white cloth with gold chairs and plates all beautiful, all is ready it seams what is missing is the Bride the church to sit on those set tables to celebrate in heaven after the rapture. And the angel told her in the beginning of this march that " the church is going to be
there soon " She told me she seen all the stars in heaven, the fire close to the sun, the earth dance side to side and afterwards seen small rocks going to earth ( provably meteorites ) and the shofar being blown in heaven. Dr. Owour said the Lord told him time is over, were close now i believe before the new year starts even if its in the last second of the year.
So yes im believing in a 2010 - 5770 rapture still because i gotten a prayer confirmation from the Lord, by my daughter receiving heaven dreams, and 2010 - 5770 ends on April 4, 2011 at sundown.   
Blessings Raul D