Raul D  (3 March 2011)
"There will be NO MERCY without REPENTANCE"

Greetings Doves,
after watching this youtube video, i feel its very important to share. In this video the Lord tells the person on this video to look at the latest earthquake and volcano activities, so my thinking is could Yellow Stone errupt soon, or could there be a big earthquake like the San Andreas Fault which has the largest fault in the Western Hemisphere, could it go off very soon, which some say its overdue?.
Yesterday afternoon March 01, 2011, the Lord told me "America must prepare". Then the Lord told me to check on the latest earthquake/volcano activities.

This morning March 02, 2011 at 3:02am I woke up from a dream I just had. In this dream I told somebody: It just happened and it was devastating.

Then I prayed and the Lord said to me: "Warn them, do not try to hide anything from them. They will know there is a God in Heaven. I am not mocked. What they have sown they will reap also. There will be NO MERCY without REPENTANCE."

Then I had a vision while praying: "I saw the Lord show with His finger to the globe He point at America." He said to me again: "There will be NO MERCY without REPENTANCE."

"America's judgment will be great. She has polluted and deceived the whole world with her abominations and I will hold her accountable for all her wickedness. I see and hear everything. What can anyone hide from Me? The rest of the world will see My judgment on her and will be in awe."

Time is up!

Pray! Plead for mercy for America!
There will be NO MERCY without REPENTANCE!
Blessings Raul