Raul D  (11 March 2011)
"big object in the sky is it Nibiru?"

Greetings Doves,
In this video it shows a object in the sky on March the 9th 2011 that looks
like a Full moon, but the moon is not full until around March 19th, so what is it?
could this talk of March 15th pole shift be true? well something is up there and
this timeline of the pole shift talk comes close to what
The Lord told Tracy Thopson, a Messianic Jew on Feb 15th, 2011 and said


"Many of you think that you have months, even years, but I tell you ... you don't even have a month.
There is no time. You don't have anymore time! Time is over. "

Feb 15th + less than a month( lets say 29 days) =  March 15th

Comet Elenin known as C/2010 X1 was said to be in perfect alignment with the earth and sun on Feb 17th when the 8.8 Chilean Earthquake
struck and this perfect alignment will come again between March 11-15th but this time it will be much closer to the earth
so the damage will be greater than before. Before the earth axes shifted 3 inches this time who knows since this object is much closer. to get an understanding of this object's path and past alignment watch this video
could there be a pole shift on march 15th or before and the rapture
I hope this month is it, our Blessed Hope