Randy (30 March 2011)
"Stock market just keeps going up....IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING !!  Go figure..."

Cute story...... had to share...
Bible"  As it was in the times of Noah, so shall it be in the time just before I return."
Mathew 24:
(paraphrase, off the top of my head..)
Life would be going on as "normal" (whatever normal is these days...) just before Jesus Christ returns for His bride!!  (Does Japan thinks this are "normal?"  Does Haiti?  Does New Zealand?)   
This video/article basically says "this market just doesn't care about all the bad news around the world..it's just gonna keep going up.....
One day it will....the market will care about ALL the bad news....  .
Again...I think the TRIGGER that makes "all the dominoes fall" is the Rapture.
You take what, 10-20-30% of the people of United States away in The Rapture, and the world's economy falls apart in ONE day!!  Not to mention all the other dominoes that are lined up....like the Middle East turbulance, the Presidential (lack of) Leadership in the United States, the fragile economies all around the world.....etc, etc, etc...
I think Barrack Hussein Obama is the right guy in the right place for the right time....for a time such as this.....  put in place by God Himself!
Then you have the Birth Pangs happening MORE and MORE.....CLOSER and CLOSER....and with greater intensity.
How much WORSE could these birth pangs get??  Without the world ceasing to be "as in the days of Noah....with life going on fairly normal.....  tick tock!
Donald Trump (gotta love him!)  asking for the birth certificate!!!   WOW!!   He didn't just ask to see it......he said "nobody can vouch that they knew him as a child....."  Nobody knew this guy !! ??  Trump knows how to go for the jugular!!
I have to think the Rapture happens BEFORE the next presidential election.  How about Rosh Hashanah 2012?   7 weeks before the election??
Or even this year??
tick tock...