Randy (30 March 2011)
"For such a Time as This:  Why are Videos EVERYWHERE?  Cellphones, internet, news?"

Watching the incredible video of the Tsumani destroying a whole city
(posted yesterday on FIVE DOVES:  http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/1416681/71a8dbc9/nieuwe_tsunami_footage.html  )
It hit me:  Why now?  Why is it that worldwide technology for videos is in the hands everyone around the planet? 
Answer:  So EVERYONE can see the BIRTH PAINS that Jesus spoke of  in the Bible. 
I can almost hear God saying.....(as I watched the video....) 
"Did you not see the Tsunami in Asia in 2004.....on Christmas day? The world has never witnessed a Tsunami like that. 
Did you not see the Earthquake in Chile in early 2010?
Did you not see the Earthquake in Haiti right after that?
Did you not see the Earthquake in New Zealand...in the city of Christchurch right after that?
Did you not see the Earthquake again in New Zealand this year?
And now...
Did you not see the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan?
Are these not the Birth pains My Son spoke about to His Disciples when He was with them?
For you....and everyone....... can see them now.....everywhere.....with your OWN EYES!
Do you still not believe My Son is coming back for His Bride....very soon?  Just as He said He would?
How much more will you need to see in order to believe?"  

Hmmmmm....... the whole world is now watching these signs......
TICK TOCK!!  The time MUST be very, very near. 
Just think of the role cellphone videos will play when the Rapture happens......
And when the A/C addresses the world as he takes over........
And when the 2 Witnesses are killed.  The whole world will watch....and then celebrate their deaths....and then stand in awe when they are resurrected before their eyes.....just like the Bible says.