Randy (26 March 2011)
"Does anyone else sense the nearness of the Rapture just went UP ONE BIG NOTCH?"

Unless I'm crazy......things are heating UP!   There is a BUZZ in the media, in the news, in the events happening everywhere....the natural disasters, the political chaos, etc, etc, etc.
I've been a student of Bible prophecy (watching for the nearness of the return of Jesus Christ) now for about 12 years.
And I've NEVER seen such a commotion.  Just in the last 13 months....ALL the HUGE and devastating earthquakes....tsunamis..... scares and warnings of tsunamis...... and now the nuclear scare in Japan..... the chaos in the Middle East.....  the palestinians are launching rockets again...so Israel has to counter-attack.... etc, etc. etc
The media is writing articles asking "is all this something out of the Bible, or just a coincidence?"   
But Jesus told His disciples....when they asked "what would the world be like just before You will return?"  He said:
Matthew 24: 8 - These are just the beginning of the birth pains.
And in Luke 21:

When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."
IF the return Of Jesus Christ, and a Pre-trib Rapture, is imminent, tighten your seatbelts....... things are going to continue to heat up.....as the birth pains get closer and closer.....and stronger and stronger..
The question becomes......HOW MUCH STRONGER and devastating can they get?.....before the Rapture?  Because the Bible says "as in the days of Noah...."  the people of the earth will be living life as normal....
In other words.....there will NOT be any HUGE HUGE HUGE distrubance to "normal" life.....whatever normal is now.  Thus, NO TOTAL devestation, NO TOTAL financial collapse.
BUT......but.......  things sure are lining up like dominoes in a row, aren't they?
What's the TRIGGER that makes them ALL FALL DOWN simultaneously??
I believe it's the RAPTURE!!!!  
TICK TOCK........
PS.....what should we expect from the media as things (if things) continue to heat up with more and more destruction, acts of God, political chaos and general BAD news??    EXPECT THE MEDIA to express the SCOFFING of ALL of the unbelievers in this world....in this country.
What did the Bible say would be the tone in the last days?  SCOFFERS!!