Pineman (11 March 2011)
"David Flynn Corrects Sir Isaac Newton and Jacob Becomes Israel"


Dear John & Doves:

In 1993 the Oslo Peace Accords were signed around Rosh Hashanah and according to the folks at this day is not without significance. I agree that this could be an end time marker from which to count down. It took Jacob 20 years to become Israel and it could also be 20 years from 1993 for Israel to experience Daniel's 70th week. That would place the beginning of the Week at Rosh Hashanah 2013. The Biblical day counts all take place within the the Scriptures talking about the 70th week so I do have problems with day counts that either extend past or begin before the Week in order to account for the 2300, 1260, 1290, etc.  It happens that with Rosh 2013 till the new moon of Rosh 2020  all the Biblical day counts can be accounted for.

Sir Isaac Newton (using a day for a year concept) began his 1260 year count from 800 AD.  Flynn corrected that date to 753 AD as the year for establishing the rebirth of spiritual Rome. 1260 years forward is 2013.  So there is a convergence on to the year 2013. The 7 year period of 2013 to 2020 can accommodate the Biblical numbers and in fact are the primary data points that can not be overlooked when attempting to predict Daniel's 70th Week.  Jacob's 20 years and Newton's 1260 years are significant for our prediction model if they indicate the end of the Church age.


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