Phil (31 March 2011)
"Earth Elenin"

John and Doves,
I had looked at the name "Elenin" before and didn't find much at all.
Then I looked at the video of the NASA JPL website showing the orbit of Elenin. It struck me that the major
thing about the video is the proximity of Elenin to Earth. Just how smart can a fellow get?
The same video is here plus some expert (to me) commentary below.
I then looked at both words (Earth Elenin) together in The Scripture Code for English Gematria in increments of 6 and found
it came up with -
"Earth Elenin" = 666
Try it yourself here - using the first one on the list, English Gematria Calculator.
But what does it mean?
Key dates are Oct 2nd, Oct 17th and Nov 14th. My wife's birthday is Oct 17th!
Keep looking up,