Phil (24 March 2011)
"Re FM Riley's "The Noise""

John and Doves,
Yes, I saw the video of "The Noise" and the sound of running water and the flash of light when the noise stopped.
It reminded me very much of a video made several years ago by Harry Mason, a geologist, who explored the Western
Australian outback to get first hand reports on strange lights and loud noises which had been reported.
It was a very long video presented at a Nexus magazine function in Sydney probably (not absolutely sure of that) but
one of the conclusions was that if the transmissions of two VLF (I think) frequencies are made to cross each other then a
fireball can be created and directed. He suggested that with the existence if several of these transmitting stations around
the world a fireball could be sent all the way around the earth. (lying wonders?) The sound he said was like a diesel train
belting along. There is much much more to the video but this is the relevant part. Some of the stations he referred to were HAARP
I believe. Obviously they were testing their gear.
I wish I could get my software to work so I could make DVD's of the tape. Pls pray?
Thanks and blessings,