Paul Wilson (9 March 2011)
"to pablo"

You mention revelation 3 talking about the Philadelphian church, who are the raptured, being pillars in the temple of God and no more going out. I am confused is this during the trib or what?? While there is a temple in heaven there is not a temple in the NJ because “God and the Lamb are the temple thereof” so where are we the raptured going to be in A) the trib, B) the MK, and C) eternity??? I thought we would be on earth in the MK doing various jobs not just kings and priests but other positions of authority like teachers and judges and so on. But the way I am reading what you say it appears we won’t set foot outside the NJ. Can you help me understand?? I know English is not your primary language but if you need to maybe someone here is fluent enough in Spanish to help this all make sense.