Paul Wilson (31 March 2011)
"Re: to Paul W Re Bethlehem Star DVD-vid"

I don’t have the funds to purchase the full video but I saw the short vid you posted and I read their website. If you have a link to the full vid or the full vid in multiple parts I can look at it.
It was on the website he mention several months for this conjunction and that is not long enough given they followed the star at least 2 years. Also on his site he mentions Friday being the death day with does not allow 3 days AND 3 nights even if counting partial days as full days. That means the death was either Wed or Thurs and the prep day never falls on a Thurs but does occasionally on a Wed. If he is wrong about the day then what else is he wrong about??? Also he seem to be using revelation as a guide on this but it was written long after Christ's death much less his birth.
He also seems to have to place this a year before the death of Herod but we don’t know how long after they left Herod for Bethlehem that Herod decreed the deaths of the children 2 and under and we don’t know how long after the family fled to Egypt that Herod died it could have been years we don’t know.
But my main sticking point it the time of the conjunction not being 2 years. we know they were following it at least two years because the children killed were 2 years and under though it could have been 2 years and 6 or so months possibly.
Again if you have a link to the full vid or the full vid in parts I’ll look at it.depending on it’s length it may take a few or several days.
Suzi (29 March 2011)
"to Paul W Re: Bethlehem Star DVD/vid"

So, I take it you have seen the entire video presentation?

I thought it explained your questions quite satisfactorily, at least for me. YMMV. Not sure about the 'wrong day for Jesus' death...seems a lot of people can't seem to agree on that, just because you feel it is 'wrong' does not make it so. But again, YMMV (your mileage may vary). I am no scholar, I have to rely on the considerable wealth of knowledge out there for my edification.