Paul Wilson (28 March 2011)
"Re: To Paul Wilson Re Bethlehem Star"

Given he has the wrong day of the week for the death of Christ I can not say he is right on the star. Also when speaking of the star he is talking months, possible 9 give or take a month, where from context it is clear that they were following almost, if not, two years. Even if Herod died in 1 BC we are not told how long the family was in Egypt so his birth could have been several years before. The star would most likely have appeared at his birth and it took them 2 years to get there so he would have been about 2 and then he left for a unknown amount of time till Herod’s death.
Suzi (26 March 2011)
"To Paul Wilson Re: Bethlehem Star"

The video "Bethlehem Star" is the most complete, and moving study I have seen on this subject. I highly recommend it. Using modern technology and good old fashion detective work, this man has hit on something so simple, so basic that the layman can understand it (he's not a scientist, just a believer who went looking for answers).