Paul Wilson (28 March 2011)
"Re: For Paul Wison, re Dewey to Laura"

I noticed you didn’t answer a part of my post so I will re-ask it here. “When you think you hear from God how do you test him to ensure you are hearing from God???”

Could you kindly give a verse for this?? When you wish someone to look things they may not be familiar with up it would be nice to give a verse. IF I am understanding the context of what you say here right Moses “got in God’s face” and spared the people of Israel from death. Well since our will is subservient to God’s will if Moses did this then it was exactly what God wanted him to do. HIS WILL BE DONE NOT OURS!
Dewey (24 March 2011)
"For Paul Wison, re Dewey to Laura"

Try this Paul, we cannot tell God what to do.......what did Moses do when YHVH told
him to get out  of the way, HE YHVH was going to destroy ALL of Israel and make a new
nation from Moses himself ??  Destroy EVERYONE in Israel but Moses only.  What did he,
Moses do Brother ??  Check this out please. Did he get in God's face ??