Paul Wilson (19 March 2011)
"when I ponder quakes"

When I ponder quakes in the New Madrid and San Andreas faults for some reason, God maybe, I always think the NM one will be 10.5 and the SA one 10.0. Just today I was thinking if a quake hit along the SA fault, the subduction zone near Wash (which would create a huge tsunami hitting the west coast from Wash to Calif), and the NM fault as well as Yellowstone going off America would be reduced to post-revolutionary size possibly colonial size depending how severe Yellowstone was (at least half the county, maybe up to three quarters would be covered in a good amount of ash). I keep thinking about it being a 13 day eruption not sure why. Based on numbers from the movie “Supervolcano” on Discovery back in 2005 a 13 day eruption could eject over 8,000 km3 of magma (base on numbers they gave I estimate a 4,000+ km3 for their 6.5 day eruption). Remember it only takes 1,000 km3 to be a VEI 8.
Judgment will surely fall, the country has sinned too much and killed to many innocents (at least 50 million) to avoid punishment, what will remain of America afterwards I don’t know. (I also believe we will be nuked) If any remains perhaps the revival so many want to happen will happen among those left. Make no mistake we are not the pilgrims who made a compact with God! This country has long since abandoned Godliness and said “Nein” to God’s ways all with government and eventually societal approval and in many cases Government encouragement. For the past nearly 50 years we have been sliding into the abyss. Well the hippies have what they wanted the Christian “establishment” has been overthrown. America deserves the fate awaiting her and God is just and right in doing what must be done to her. We can only pray that something will be left for whatever true Christians are in the country at that time so they can set up some form of Godly rule to manage till the end of the trib.
America was so good once  she had such potential but as they say all good things must come to a end.