Paul Wilson (17 March 2011)
"could these be possible sites for the DW prophesied quake"

he mentioned a large quake and it triggering 2 others. Looking at America I see several good possibilities one of course is the New Madrid possibly followed by San Fran and Yellowstone quakes. I chose San Fran because of it being a new Sodom and Yellowstone because it would devastated the US. Another possible is New Madrid followed by New York and California quakes. there is a good sized fault line in New York. or it could even be the first is in new york (not many would expect one there) then New Madrid then California other than the new Madrid the San Andreas and the new york one I don’t know of major faults in the us maybe someone here could help on that. I would expect at some point the New Madrid and yellowstone both will go off weather close together in time or not.