Paul Synder (21 March 2011)
"The Devil says"

       The Devil says, “Don’t bother God with such minor details, grow up and learn how to take care of them yourself”.  

       There is a slow leak in the right front tire.  I had set the pressure at 34 pounds about a month ago and decided to check it again.  So I turned on the air pump and reached to the pressure gauge, which I always keep in its place.  It wasn’t there.  Looked and looked for  it and I could not find it.  I was leaning against the fender and finally out of frustration I said, “Lord you tell us that you are interested in the details of our lives, please open my eyes so I can see that gauge.”  So I opened my eyes and looked and there was that gauge right in front of my eyes right where I had left it the last time.

       Some times the Lord closes our eyes to get our attention.  In our frustration it is a good idea to seek the Lord first and see what He has to say.  It might be very important.  It turns out that the Lord desires a very intimate relationship with each one of us.  By constantly bringing all those little details to the Lord and hearing His answers we begin to know the voice of the Lord.  “My sheep know my voice”.  If you never listen for His voice will you know it when He calls, “Come up here”?  There is an added bonus, that little blessing that goes with the answers to the prayer.