Patty Hayes (9 March 2011)
"Fay: Philippians 4 :8"

My greatest concern is when Christians who are to hold and behave with the highest of moral and ethical lives come out and say so and so are being deceptive is in the same family of calling someone a liar.  We must not do so when that person isn't lying.    When they tell who they are, well scrutinized, and are out in the open about beliefs, family, financial and all there is about that peron, then there is no deception.  I am asking us to refrain from slandering someone's character.  I am absolutely with you that false religion needs to be "challenged" by the "rod" of Truth.  But, from the pulpits and Seminaries as well, we have lost our compass of Truth-bearing and have forgotten doctrine and have traded for lesser things such as how to be a better person, wealthier, healthier and the like instead of really knowing God whom we will spend all eternity with. 
As Philippians tells us to think on these things. true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, and moral excellence, that is where our minds are to be fixed on.
It may be that non believers could also be reading Doves, and how we conduct ourselves in writing and attitude may be under their scrutiny.  I  would rather we refrain from accusation and be more like the Bereans and in the love of Christ, put all that we see, hear and read up against the truth of God's Word.  Is what we hear true, honorable, lovely, ...ect.
In Christ,
Patty Hayes