Patty Hayes (4 March 2011)
"Fay: Discernment"

I would disagree with you regarding Glenn.  First, he is not deceiving anyone. He will tell you outright he is a Mormon.  There is no deception or hiding his beliefs.  If he did and claimed to be an Evangelical Christian, then it would be deception. 
Also, James Robinson said outright he would not compromise his doctrine and would have a strong and serious debate with Glenn where doctrine is concerned.  He was very emphatic about it.  No deception there.  James is an Evangelist and Baptist Minister. 
There is only one thing that all these men and women have in common and that is to defend and protect America.  From there, James Robinson and others would leave.  You must have missed where Dave Roever told Glenn while on that panel that if Glenn were not speaking truthfully, Dave (fully knowing Glenn is a Mormon and not an Evangelical Christian)  would get up and leave.  He would not be a part of Glenn's team to defend and protect America. 
Defending, bringing light into the political arena of events of our nation and of our world is not solely owned in the marketplace of ideas by Evangelicals.  We do have much in common in politics with those whose faith is not ours, whose faith is different from ours. 
Many here on the Doves fully know that Glenn is a Mormon and do know it is not Orthodox Christianity, but is foreign and false teaching.  I do not think we need to be "reminded' that we are being deceived.  I will stand with my neighbor who holds to the Constitution, who is a Federalist (meaning our government is Federalist, not Democratic) and wants to protect and defend our nation from not only foreign invaders but also inside invaders who seek the destruction of the USA. 
When Glenn is bringing light to the Socialist agenda, it is a political dialogue.  If Glenn were to stand there and say follow him in his religious doctrine, then my tv goes off or to another channel.  Deception is when one is hiding an agenda, hiding ones beliefs.  Glenn is not hiding either one.  He clearly says he is a Mormon, he clearly says he is a Liberterian, small Gov't. But he has found common political ground in many Evangelicals. 
I think it is time to move on.  
Patty Hayes