Patty Hayes (2 March 2011)
"Nicole, Unions"

Hi Nicole,
My grandfather started one of the Unions back in Ill. in the 1950's -1960's.  At that time there were issues that the courts were not addressing.  In today's world, what you described of the activities of your husband's company, the laws are on the books and there is the Atty Gen'l office and EEOC that will address those issues.  Companies have been shut down, suspended for these activities. But, it takes people to make a stand to say, I will work for what I contracted to do so and do it well.  Anytime over the hours is time and a half pay and if work on the holidays then it is double time pay.
We are seeing many companies that will try and not hold up the contract between employer to employee.  The unions have from what I see, crossed many boundaries and slso have been known to abuse the system.  Not only has the system been abused but the employees as well by their unions.
In the end, our sin nature of greed just loves to dominate and rake off the $$
from others and God who sits on the throne will in the end bring justice to all we are watching.   But, even more, the volitale nature of the protesting is not one to be proud of.   I think if we walk with the Lord and treat people as we ourselves want to be treated we would fair better.  But, certainly, we need to be on our knees beseeaching the Lord and asking Him for wisdom and making certain we have brought anything that is of sin before the Lord, seeking to be cleansed and healed and ready to meet Him in the air.