Patty Hayes (18 March 2011)
"Dave Molina"

I wouldn't down play regarding the Nuclear Radiation issue.  My close friend and father to me was in the China sea when we bomb Japan.  He died of direct causes of Melinoma he got from the radiation fallout.
Others did get sick and died from Chernobyl that was not reported.  I just believe in taking caution.  Nothing wrong with it.  Doctors are not always equating the cancers from root causes, but, rather are just treating the cancer.  
Now that all 3 reactors are having fallout issues, it increases the amount of radioactive material in the air that can have affects not known until years later.  So let the bottles of iodine be bought.  I'd rather err on that side than not purchase it and find the material in the air did cause cancer.
Patty Hayes