Patty Hayes (9 March 2011)
"Gwendolyn Casey:  Nuclear Fallout"

Hi Gwendolyn,
I saw you signed TX.  I don't think you need to worry.  The projected POSSIBLE concern is just the West Coast, ie; CA, OR, WA, ect.  But, we do need to pray as Fox News had on yesterday a fellow that had accurately projected some of our earthquakes by following our "natural" signals, such as dead fish and the like.  He is concerned of another large earthquake quite possibly to occur early next week somewhere between Mexico and Canada. 
We will see.  What is most important is that we stay close to the Lord, make sure we have a Bible, food and water, flashlights, solar powered radio, compass, coleman stove for heating water and food, and warm clothes along with cooler clothing to keep us until we are either safe here or raptured with the Lord.   Pull up survival list on Steve or google survival list of things to have with you.  And...don't forget a first aide kit.
Patty Hayes