Patty Hayes (1 March 2011)
"Amanda, WOW!!"

Hi Amanda,
That is truly something.  Just a few days ago, it was between 11pm to 12am, I did hear my name being called.  I got out of bed and walked over to the top of the stairs to listen as the voice was similar to my friend who is downstairs.  I went back to bed and nothing more happened, but, it has been many years since I have heard my name being called.
But, last night I had an unusual dream.  I dreamt that I was out in the wilderness in the lower mountain range somewhere.  From looking around me, I must have been around the 3,000 ft level as there were some grass as well as many trees, probably pine.
I was dressed well for survival and had prepared for this to occur but looking around there were other believers who only had the clothes on their backs and were trying to stay warm.  They had some blankets, but no one but me had camping/backpacking gear.
These folks had banded together for support and a means to survive.  The first night they slept out under the stars huddled together wrapped in their blankets.  I had my sleeping bag and my one person tent.  I had cooking gear and other camping equipment to share.  I had asked one man about why he was wearing what he had as he was dressed business/casual, anotherwords, dockers slacks, dress shoes and dress shirt with a nice dress sweater (orange).  He said he had no time to get out and that was what he was wearing.
The next morning we had located shelter, a home that had been vacant.  People were claiming their couches, recliners or cots as there were no beds there.  They had picked a leadership team and designated a leader out of that team.  I was not the leader, but I was more of a spectator and friend to the group.   Next thing I know, a woman and her "crew" from the town below came up were we were and began yelling at us to get out of there, not only out of the house but completely away from the region.
The group of Christians looked perplexed and didn't respond to her.  She just stomped away and got back into her car and drove away with her crew of people following her in their cars.  But, her wallet had fallen out of her bag.  In it was a whole lot of money and credit cards that could have been used.
The Christians looked at it as it laid on the ground.  They refused to even touch it.  I told them I felt it needed to be returned to the woman but they felt it too dangerous to make the trek down the mountains into the town to return the item.  They walked away, but, I just felt it was our Christian duty to be like Christ and return the item as someone else could show up and take it away.  So, after deliberating with my Christian friends, I made the trek down returning the item.  I knocked on her door and she was astonished that I would come into what would be considered dangerous for Christians.  She did yell at me but did take the wallet from me and I left to return back to my friends.  And then I woke up.
I don't know if and what the Lord was speaking to me about.