Oliver Thomas (5 March 2011)
"Marilyn Agee (4 March 2011) This Spring"

Marilyn Agee (4 March 2011) This Spring


Dear Marilyn, thank you so much for your exciting post. I actually felt the Holy Spirit as I read. The spirit the Lord was telling me to trim my lamp, rub the sleep out of my eyes, and rejoice for he is coming soon!

          Ever since about 1998 I have thought the rapture would have to be on Rosh Hashanah; but after 2008 I began to recognize that the three fall feasts are interdependent and must happen with the same day sequence when they occur in fulfillment of Christ’s second coming; in other words over a 15 day period from Tishrei 1 to Tishrei 15. This will be the start of Jesus earthly kingdom; therefore the rapture must happen before the fulfillment of these three feasts. To get around this problem I came up with a theory that the Church would have their own three fall feasts at the time of the rapture, and then the Jews would have their own three fall feasts at the second coming. This interpretation sounded good at first but it didn’t hold up under the light of scripture. I realized these feasts weren’t the churches or the Jews but they were Gods appointed feasts that hopefully will come to pass in 2015. Now, of course, God can do anything he wants whenever he wants, but I think he has provided all the clues we need and expects us to know the season of the rapture.


I agree with your statement,

“But it might be in early spring, April instead of June. If it is the time of the Olynthos figs, it will be in early spring instead of late spring.”


          All the signs and scriptures pointing to the time of first ripe figs could indeed happen as early as April and the anniversary of the crucifixion; as you said wouldn’t that be like our Jesus to commemorate our redemption. But, the timing of the early figs would still be relevant all the way up to the first week of June. Something to consider is the timing of the lilies blooming. Song 6:2 says, "My beloved (i.e., Jesus) is gone down into his garden, to the beds of spices, to feed in the gardens, and TO GATHER LILIES." The native lily of Israel blooms in May and June.

This time span from Nisan 1 to the end of Iyyar takes up most of the spring season that runs from March 21st to June 21st. This appears to be the season God wants us to be watching. Spring in Hebrew is “Aviv” meaning rebirth, how appropriate.

For many of us this has been the darkest, coldest, longest winter of our lives. This winter started out with a dark lunar eclipse on the longest night of the year; in fact this was the darkest day in 400 years. This was to me a sign telling me to persevere because it’s always darkest before the dawn. Then came the sign of the earthquakes in Christchurch, telling us of the coming judgment, and now we are learning that all the people of Christchurch must leave because the ground has become like shifting sand to unstable to rebuild.

The scriptures you cite build a good foundation for your conclusion of April 6 rapture, but couldn’t they be cited for many dates during this spring season? As a side note, isn’t Passover on April 19 this year? I intend to have a good supply of oil on hand from Nisan 1 thru Pentecost.

Marilyn I want to tell you how much I have learned from your many studies and what a blessing they have been over the years, to me and many others I’m sure. We make too much of the little things we disagree on, and over look the abundance of truth we hold in common.


ybic … Oliver Thomas