Ola Ilori (30 March 2011)
"Rick Wynn's "Rapture Dream""

Rick Wynn (18 July 2008) 
"My Rapture Dream"

My Rapture Dream.


Hello all,


Just wanted to share with you a dream I had yesterday morning. 


In my dream, I was at my job in my office reading some documents standing in front of my desk, which faces west.  As I lifted up the papers to read, I noticed small circles of light far brighter than the regular lights in the office. The day was hot, sunny, blue skies without a single cloud.  It must have been slightly before or after 12:00 noon.  Without much thought I figured the light must be coming from the sun and then an inner voice interjected reasoning “no, that’s  not possible.”  It wasn’t possible because there were no windows in my office as my office is situated within the outer walls of the building I work in.  Thus, the light of the sun could not penetrate the walls of my office.  Within a blink, I looked again and beheld more circles of light that not only illuminated the paper I held but also was now cascading along the wall and floor before me.  These expanding circles of light were now even brighter so bright in fact, that I expected them to burn but it didn’t. 


As I spun around to see where the light was coming from, I could already feel the presence of it penetrating me through my center flooding my body simultaneously upward and downward.  To the east, I saw that the wall . . . well actually the space between where I stood and the wall were as if it were being unzipped.  As the “space” split open in front of me, the light poured in spilling all over the room, penetrating the walls outward until it lit up the entire office in addition to the entire interior of the building.  Then I heard the sound of a gentle, yet powerful voice that spoke my name beckoning me to come.  This magnificent voice sounded like a great flow of rushing water and I instantly knew it was the voice of Jesus.  At that very instant, I felt a gentle ticklish-like tug at my belly and I jumped toward the light and felt an indescribable peace come over me, which I had never known yet understood that this peace was eternally mine.  The power of God had entered me and changed me.  I looked and my body had become as radiant and beautiful as the light where even my new robe, which radiated gloriously white with the golden sash around my waist seemed to be as part of my body.


I don’t know how long all of this took, for it seemed as though it was all happening in slow motion.  As I moved toward the opening where the light poured out, the room and even the life, as I knew it, went out of focus and the last thing I remember were the screams of those left behind, for they were terrified by the darkness and thunder.  Instantly I understood that they didn’t see what I had seen and experienced.  For those left behind, the room and building became utterly dark, as did the whole sky and even the world.  I knew it was the rapture.  It was happening right now and Jesus took me!  In a flicker of an eye, I had vanished right in front of the others in my office but I was able to experience everything in detail seeing the whole event.  The light enveloped me completely and I was instantaneously flying high above the earth.  I saw the Shekinah Glory of God illuminate the vast region of space as far as the outer edge of the galaxy as I ascended up high above the earth and met Lord Jesus in the clouds. I had already lost recollection of my life on earth as I looked toward my destination with overwhelming joy.  I looked across the sky and saw multitudes of radiant people beaming up from out of the earth like beautiful flares from every direction.  Each person’s arms were outstretched toward Jesus.


Everything that pleased God, all that was holy and good in His sight was what I immediately understood.  Every face He knew, I knew.  Whomever I thought of that had come into the Kingdom, I immediately stood before them and knew them even though I may not have necessarily known them on earth.  In addition, there was not one brother or sister there whom was unfamiliar to me.  I saw and greeted so many people for instance who spoke the blessed hope on 5doves.  I saw and greeted Peggy McIlveene and Pastor Riley and scores of others who believed on Christ.  After I had awakened from my dream I also remembered that whoever had not been raptured, I had no recollection of.  All of us know of others who are on the wrong path and are thus in danger of being left behind.  Such people I knew, I had not even considered in my dream.  It was as if they didn’t exist or I had never known them.  Thus, my mind and thoughts were also changed. 


There were no boundaries concerning thought in all that the Lord desired me to understand.  The most significant thing understood pertaining to such thoughts was my purpose of existing.  God desired us to be eternal beings of purpose, one purpose—His purpose.  That purpose was to praise and worship God.  This is what I had been designed by my Creator to do.  The indescribable feeling of being in the presence of Christ without distraction, sin, and evil, experiencing His eternal love, the lightness of being without burdens and the bondage of earthly life was the true life—reality.  Earthly life was the dream from which I had awakened.  In the presence of God, I wanted nothing else, to do nothing else. I just wanted Him.  His love, presence, power, and glory were the essence of my very existence; I had no other purpose, no other reason to exist.  I just wanted to praise Him and I would do it for all eternity.  


Then my dream cut to a fast forward of some sort where I saw that everyone taken (raptured) were connected in spirit as one.  When we praised, it was all in one accord.  We bowed in unison and raised our hands in unison; we sang, glorified and spoke His name in one accord.  The next thing I remember was that a multitude it seemed were sitting and everyone had in their hand a cup.  Perhaps this was my interpretation of the Marriage Banquet in the dream I am not sure.


There was another fast forward and I looked up and the light of God grew brighter and brighter and as this happened, everyone in heaven was drawn towards it.  There was a great event about to take place.  I thought “Bema Judgment” and then there was another fast forward.  The last thing I saw was multitudes mounting their horses and entering a spellbinding light whereby they were following Jesus who sat upon His white horse in all His Glory as King of kings and Lord of lords.  Throughout heaven, as they mounted there was tremendous celebration, praise, and singing, then I woke up.


Perhaps this dream was all my frail mind could handle, but how wonderful if all our dreams concerning Christ and the rapture are a foreshadow of things far greater than we can even begin to conceive.  


Praise be to God and His glory forever!


Your brother in Christ forever,


Rick Wynn