Ola Ilori (29 March 2011)

Hi Doves,
The excuse that many give for not practising righteousness from day to day, is that they're been taught, in error, that their righteousness is filthy rags!
The reasoning behind this is "If everything I do is dirty and rotten, I don't really need to be loving and kind to those around me.
"I'll just put all my faith in the righteousness of Christ"
Then they'll quote Isaiah 64: 6
"...we are all like an unclean thing, and our righteousness are like filthy rags..."
They've  completely misunderstood what this verse really means.
This verse is describing someone who is practising lawlessness-the very reason so many Christians will be left behind!
These are Christians that live two lives.
They are full of revenge, hate and wickedness in their private lives, while in public they present a completely different image.
For in public, everyone knows them for the books they've written, for how eloquent they can speak and for how knowledgeable they are.
All the things they do in public are unclean and filthy because they come from a heart that practices wickedness in private.
This is why the World will hate those Christians who will be left behind!
They will know that the type of Christianity those left behind practised, wasn't the real deal!
The Lord said many will be deceived into living this double-life Christianity.
And as a result will be left behind.
What the Lord said is prophetic fact - It will come to pass!
Nothing we say or do can change this.
This is not scaremongering.
If anyone is scared they should really take time to examine themselves.
They should reflect on what kind of life they've been living, before the Lord, in private.
All those who are filled with the Holy Spirit practise righteousness in private and in public, it makes no difference.
Their righteousness is clean, holy and pure.
Because their good deeds are the outpourings of Jesus Christ, who lives within them.
"He who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous." (1John 3:7)