Nando (28 March 2011)
"A reply to Josua on his comment of the 11111111 and the 777"

Dear Nando

I realized that I became very creative in seeing the numbers I want – if not directly then through Mathematical calculations. e.g. 511 suddenly becomes 11111111 (binary equivalent of 511), and 8×1 in a row then means 8. Or 25.4°C is 77.7°F, hence 777… Through that, I nearly always see the numbers I am looking for, and I started to ask myself if this is ok or not..? It surely is fun, but is it a God-given gift or my selfish desire?

Josua it is a fact that Jesus has used some numbers to communicate with me at different times, if I have experienced this type of communication with Jesus it stands to reason that a true believer can use this method of communication as well.
When dealing with this form of communication one must be very careful of all the things that are involved. First is it coming from Jesus, Satan, self deception or just happened by chance. The probability # can help you determine this.
You must be knowledgeable of the theory of probability to determine if it is a thing that occurred by design and not by chance.
Did you asked Jesus a question and expected the answer through license plates? Were you worried about something and He showed you the number to give you peace of mind? Did the number came up when you were not expecting it? did the number occurred in a group of equal numbers constituting what is called a cluster?
Once you determine that it is indeed Jesus talking to you with numbers and letters how will it change your faith? will you remain humbled, meek and submissive to His will?
With every privilege there comes a responsibility and in the case of Paul he was given a thorn in the flesh to keep him humble. We are very easily tempted in the flesh with the sin of pride and Satan who fell in likely manner is an expert with pride and has tempted humans for thousands of years in a very successful way.
But yes if Jesus does communicate to you in this or any other way it is a great faith builder as well as an honor. It is my believe that any true believer can have this type of intimacy with Jesus if he starts in faith and humility that he will be answered.

I hope you can grow in the Lord and His Word as I feel I have done with the path He showed me that can be your path also.