Nando (19 March 2011)
"Why So Few Christians in Japan? Are Christians wrong in warning them?"


This article is posted to bring some clear mind to the argument of Hyna criticizing Christians for saying that what has happened to Japan is for judgment against what they did to Israel in support of their enemies and the dividing of Jerusalem.

First of all judgment is coming to all of the nations of the earth for the rejection of the Gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ and that is the first and only reason. In rejecting Christ they place themselves as enemies of God and ripe for punishment.

If the Christians that know the scriptures do not warn the inhabitants of these lands how are they going to know that they have to change to avoid further judgment?

In my opinion Christians will be in need of reproof for not pointing these facts to the survivors so that they can repent and change.

The message of judgment is coming is all over the word of God and the sugar coated condolences will not change behavior. Prophets of Israel were persecuted and some killed because their message was not to the liking of the people they were preaching to.

A very good novelist Mr. James Clavel dead for a few years wrote several 1000+ pages novels about Japan and Christianity was covered in them. From Wikipidea:

The Asian Saga consisting of six novels:

Several of Clavell's books have been adapted as films or miniseries; Shōgun was also adapted into Interactive fiction.

Other books include:

I read the six novels and read Shogun twice.