Myra (7 March 2011)
"Re: Myra"

Hi Fay,
I too, wish we lived closer BUT me thinks it won't be long before we meet.Smile emoticon
I must clarify that our son wasn't a child as you think of a small child, he was 30 years old but as a mother you know that at any age your child is always and remains your child for the rest of your life.  Eric was a kind and humble man, very bright, like his father.
The first stages of grief are close to unbearable, what one does without Christ is unimaginable.  Like  precious Oscar's parents we too at times experienced supernatural almost unspeakable comfort. At the funeral it was butterflies, later a dove.  A pastor friend told us that yes, God uses many ways to speak to us, including animals, birds, even insects.   Time has passed, it's been 7 yrs. now, I read from "Cries of the Heart" by Ravi Zacharias, of a man who had lost his daughter and that this man had said " I use to think that time was a healer.  I know longer believe that.  I now believe that time is only the revealer of how God does the healing."
We're not in the land of the living headed for the land of the dying ...... we're in the land of the dying headed for the land of the living. I believe with my whole heart that soon and very SOON we'll be home but until, His will is sovereign and His grace is sufficient.
Thanking God for John Tng, you and all Doves!!