Myra (4 March 2011)
"Re:  MaryAnna, Vickie and Doves"

Hi Fay,
We do share quite a few similarities.  I don't go to church mainly for the same reason.  I have many friends and a loving family who also are mostly believers BUT try as I may to talk about Bible prophecy to them, well, I might as well be whistin Dixie.  I attribute in part the fact that we've had a child die.  They no doubt think I want to see my child again ..... well darn right I do but what about the years before the death of our child, prophecy is what brought me to Christ in the first place.  It's a no win situation so I too no longer share my excitement with them, but oh, what they're missing.  When I feel down or a little discouraged, I have a wonderful godly husband to bolster me back to where I should be and of course The Doves, my daily fix!! Smile emoticon
You're remembered in my prayers ........