Michelle (9 March 2011)
"Pablo: We are on red alert for the rapture!"

Thanks for the way you worded that Pablo. We are certainly on red alert for the rapture. I am one who in the past never allowed myself to become invested in exact date predictions despite definitely sensing the nearness of the Lord's coming over the past year. But now I have actually begun to tremble inside at the thought of the rapture being so close. I believe He is coming now. I spoke with my youngest daughter last night before she went to bed. She's 14 years old. I'd been telling her and her sister about various date predictions for some time now as they have come up and so last night I told her that although I'd been telling her about upcoming dates in the past, that I never actually believed He would actually come on those dates; I had only hoped He would come. I only hoped that someone would be right because I wanted Jesus to come back so badly. But its different now. Now, I actually  believe (as Dr. Owuor, Tracy Thompson and many other prophets are saying...) that this is really it!  I believe time is over. I told my daughter that she should make sure she repents regularly now and keep everything under the blood of Jesus. I told her nothing or no one is more important than making sure she and Jesus are very best friends every single day from here on out and that she should try to get as close to Him as possible. I said she could do that by making every prayer she prays count. In other words, we should be present for our prayers ---like worship, in spirit and in truth --- as opposed to "Yes mom, I said my prayers." Time's out for religious exercise, rote obligation. My rationale behind that is if Jesus is her best friend and she is close to Him now... there will be no worries of hearing Him say "I know you not," when He comes.  I believe when the Lord spoke that in Matthew 25:12, He was speaking on the matter of intimate relationship with Him since we know our Omniscient God actually does know everyone and everything. She nodded her head. I believe she understood what I was saying....  Basically, what I was saying was -- 'make sure you're ready sweetheart...we're on red alert for the rapture!'
Many Blessings!