Michelle (31 March 2011)
"Thanks Susan, Sabrina and Philipa"

Loved this! Loved this! I got so excited when I read it! Thank you servants of the Lord for your obedience in allowing our Lord to use you the way He does. Looking forward to our upcoming Heavenly celebration!

Blessings sisters in Him,


30 March 2011 Philipa wrote:

"After, the Lord told me that we were going to HEAVEN.  My HEAVENLY horse with my name on it came to pick up the Lord and I.  When we reached the HEAVENLY GATES,  I saw something wonderful! The HEAVENLY GATES had been redecorated with more beautiful gems.  The gems were violet and silver, which changed into several colours. It was so shiny. I loved it!  And on the GATES, were the big engravings:

                                      WELCOME BRIDE OF JESUS

It was so amazing and magnificent!  Words cannot explain.  Now, even the GATES, are ready and waiting for us !"