Michelle (30 March 2011)
"To All Doves…That Question"



In the lateness of this hour, I see the best advice regarding the on-going question of “Who will go back in the Rapture,” to be found in the Word of God itself. This same advice was emphasized through Prophet David Owuor in recent video warnings.


He that hath an ear, let hear what the Spirit says unto the churches! – Rev.2:7,17,29 ; Rev. 3: 6,13, 26


There’s going to be the different camps on this question until the day the Lord returns for His Wife, His Bride. For me, I refuse to rest my eternal hopes on any other “assurance” that I’m okay for the rapture because I “truly” got saved 32 years ago and for that reason, it doesn’t matter how I live my life today. So what is the "Spirit" saying? Dr. Owuor put it this way. "EACH PERSON now needs to prepare for the coming of the Lord."  ...ARE YOU READY?  He continued, “Those who are wise, let them prepare. Those who are wise, let them hear;!”


I will continue to pray that the Lord finds faith in me and all His Bride when He comes because according to His own WORD, He’ll be looking for it… and this faith by biblical definition has evidence. (Heb. 11:1)