Michelle (3 March 2011)
"To Margie and Danny, Horses"

Hi there all horse lovers.
As you would know this magnificent animal is one of Gods favourites.
How do I know that, the King of Kings is coming back on one.
Not an elephant nor a bird not even a lion. No, the most majestic
animal ever created. Oh I could just keep going on and on.
I cant wait to see all of my horses in their heavenly paddocks.
Dannies poem was just lovely. I am an animal lover and have
pondered the question of WHAT will happen to them when we go.
My children have asked as well. God gave me peace one day when he told me
"Havent I always looked after things" Hmmmm  Time to stop the human thing
and turn it over to Him.
I have one old boy left. He is 34years old and still acts like a 10yr old.
If time goes on, he wont be going anywhere soon.
Im in Australia. It would be nice to write to other horsey people from around
the world.  If you ever feel the erge my email is   mfindlay40@hotmail.com