Michelle (17 March 2011)
"To Wendy, Re:To Myra re Dr. Owour"

Hi Wendy,

In reference to your question about Dr. Owuor and why God did not tell him about the Japan disaster, Dr. Owuor is a prophet of the Lord. He is not the prophet of the Lord. In other words, there are many prophets and prophetesses of the Lord. Ephesians 4:11 says that God gave some (to be) apostle
s, prophets, evangelists, pastors  and teachers for perfecting the saints...the work of the ministry...etc.  And its true, not every one out there saying that he is a prophet of the Lord is a prophet of the Lord. But there are true prophets of God as well as the false although these days with all the craziness going on most seemed to be automatically lumped in with those who are false as people are generally skeptical. However, of God's true prophets, God will tell one some things and another other things... but no man all things. No man, woman, boy or girl will know all things in this life or the next. Only our True and Living God Himself Is Omniscient! In testing Dr. Owuor as a true prophet of the Lord today, we must  look at what he says the Lord told him and whether those things have come to pass (or can still come to pass since evenmany true prophets of old died before the things they prophesied came to pass.) But regarding the things Dr. Owuor has specifically prophesied to date, he has a pretty phenomenal track record of accuracy.

On 16 March Wendy wrote:
"I am not saying that he is a false prophet, but I just wondered why the Japan earthquake was not also prophesied by this man.  The Japan earthquake/tsunami was tremendous in magnitude and loss of life, not to mention the threat of a nuclear disaster.  I just thought it odd that God did not warn Dr. Owour of this tragedy???"