Michelle (16 March 2011)
"To Myra - Re: "To John and all Doves""

You're welcome Myra. :)
I recently read an excellent article on Dr. Owuor on the "Rapture Flight To Heaven" website about a month ago. Someone had thoroughly researched Dr. Owuor to determine weather or not he was a true prophet and after many hours of investigation, studying his videos, listening to his messages, reading any and everything he could find....in the end it was concluded that Dr. Owuor is a true end-times prophet of the Lord, one like John the Baptist, with a mandate from God to declare the coming of the Lord to be at the door. It was a very welcomed confirmation of what I had already believed concerning this man. I don't exalt men, but I do heed the warnings of the Spirit of Truth spoken through God's chosen vessels. Time is over! Repent. Be Ready. Jesus is at the door!
You can read the article here:
Blessings to you sis,
On March 14, Myra Wrote:
Dear Doves,
On March 4, Michelle posted a series of interviews with Dr. Owuor, by the way, thank you Michelle!  I had watched several you-tubes concerning Dr. Owuor and his ministries but never had heard anything regarding his background or a personal testimony.  These interviews answered my questions.  I started watching on Sunday March 6, I completed all six.  That afternoon I ask my husband if he would watch them too, I wanted to have his opinion to see if we were on the same page with this man.  He too was in agreement with me that indeed this man was sent with the message of repentance, for time is short and  the rapture is close at hand.  I proceeded to sent  these you-tubes to both our sons, my sister, and sister-in-law.
  I went to work on Monday, March 6, and asked another sister-in-law who I work for, would she like if I sent her these also, she said oh yeah and send them to Steve too (her husband), so I did. After I sent these you-tubes I had this nagging feeling that maybe I shouldn't have, after all the bible says let No man deceive you, is that what was happening here, was I somehow being deceived?  That night, I prayed to the Lord and poured out my heart to Him.  I ask if this man is who he says  he is, would He give me conformation in a way that was unmistakable, just for me, and could He do it quickly, otherwise I would remain silent.  I truly thought perhaps He'd reveal something in a dream ....... didn't happen!
  On Tuesday, March 7, Anita, my sister-in-law called down to my office and asked if I was still going to be there for a while, it was 12:30 and I said I'd be there till around 1:00, good, she said, I wanna see you before you leave.  She came in pulled up a chair, we shared some small talk, then  she said you know Myra, today is Laura's birthday, (daughter-in-law) I said yes, well  last night I was wrapping her present and all my wrapping paper, bows, all that kinda stuff, I have on a high shelf.  I was trying to find a bow, standing on my tiptoes fumbling around, when this fell out.  She handed me a small cream colored bible rather tattered.  I opened it and inside was inscribed Presented to Eric Lewis, From, First Baptist Church.  Eric is our son who died 7 yrs. ago. He was 9 years old when he received it from our church for his baptism.  Right away she said I hope this doesn't upset you but I know I would want to have it had it been my sons.  I assured her I wasn't the least upset and that I could hardly wait to get home and read all  he had underlined.  But Myra, she said, how did it get on that shelf and stay there for all these years, 20 years at the very least, I've got stuff off that shelf countless times.  I replied, well who knows, I'm just glad I have it!  I left to go home clutching the bible to my heart.  I got in my car, laid the bible in the seat next to me and drove off.  I  stopped at a stoplight  and glanced over at it and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Oh, Lord this is Your answer.  I was filled with awe.   What are the chances of Eric's bible falling off that shelf, after how many years, on the same night my prayer went up?
I wanted to share this with all of you sooner but on Wednesday we had to go out of town for a few days, then we had  family coming to stay for my husband's birthday and if that's not enough I had a project to complete for work by today.  The timing was perfect because the family was all together for the birthday dinner so I told all, "my story".  A few tears were shed but happy tears.  It lead to stories about Eric with lots of laughter and talk of the blessed assurance of all His promises.
So thank you, Dr. Owuor,, for sending the message of the soon return of our Lord.  It's true ..... all true!!!