Michelle (15 March 2011)

Amen Brother, I agree. And my prayer daily now, several times a day some days, is that more and more foolish virgins would be awakened to the day...awakened to the hour...that they would rise out of the slumber of their lukewarm states.... that they would REPENT and become wise virgins now while there is still time, (since we are still here)....and that they would remain wise, remain awakened, resisting any of the lulls that would pull them back into their slumber...until He comes because Surely He Comes Quickly!  Because while there are many "foolish" virgins, there are also many wise who ARE now ready and waiting to go.

About seven months ago I had a vision of countless numbers of brides of every race I know of, all dressed beautifully in their wedding garments...make up perfect, hair lovely, detailed accessories (showing how they had taken time going to great lengths to prepare for this day.) They were all gathered in a huge lot in front of what appeared to be like a very wide warehouse garage door. They were patiently standing there waiting for the door to open. The vision ended with the door opening and the looks on their faces exuding the most purest form of joy I can describe. I had this vision after feeling quite down over three dreams I had in a row of three different brides (only one I knew) who were not ready for their day. They were either completely unorganized, missing parts of their wedding attire like the veil, shoes, etc. or were fully dressed but had spots all over the dress. (Dirty wedding garments.) It was after the third dream that I had the vision of the beautiful ready brides. I believe the Lord was encouraging me to know that there were actually many...MANY who were ready to go right then...right now. And I'm certain that countless WISE VIRGINS today are faithfully waiting for Jesus to come with the same anticipation and excitement that I saw on the brides' faces in the vision, because we know our Groom is at the door!