Michael Edds (17 March 2011)
"need your help"


Hello John,

Thank you so much for posting some of my writings that the Lord has given to me. I greatly enjoy your web site!  I need your help.  Facebook suddenly disabled my Facebook account today with no explanation.  I do not know of any of their rules that I have violated.  All that I write about is the Lord on my Facebook wall.  I had so many Christian friends from all over the world on that account.  I have emailed Facebook numerous times but have not received an explanation or response.  It makes me wonder if they have a bias against Christian writings and posts. It looks like they would ban vulgar sites or hate sites rather than Christian ones.
Anyway, I need your help.  My new Facebook account is Michael F Edds.  Please share this with the many Christians that you come in contact with and ask them if they will send friend requests to me. I would love to get my new Facebook page up and running again.   I greatly appreciate your help.  God bless.

Michael Edds