Michael Colunga (5 March 2011)
"RE:  Paul Wilson--"enraged""

Hello, John and Doves,
Brother Paul, before you go around cursing others, you should know the laws of cursing.
Yes, they are real; and no, I am not kidding.
1.    You will always only curse people concerning those sins which you yourself are guilty
        of, or those sins which God has forgiven you, which same sins He did cleanse you of.
2.    Curses, by their nature, always try to rebound on their source.
3.    Therefore, one should always provide a way out for the offender, else there will be no
        way out for you.
4.    The only known way to break any and all curses is by the shed blood of the Lamb of God.
There may be more rules, but these are the basic ones.  It is left to the student to find the
Scripture references for the above four rules.
Now, as regarding the Westboro Baptist Church--and any and all people with whom we disagree,
I believe that God can save anyone, for any reason at all, or for no discernable reason at all.
That's what I call being sovereign!
The bottom line?  If any members of the Westboro Baptist Church are saved, then the curse that you cursed them with has no effect.  You are both covered by the blood.
Instead of wasting our breath, then, "Let's Just Praise the Lord!"  [words and music by Bill and
Gloria Gaither]
For it is written,
    "...You are holy, Enthroned in the praises of Israel."  Psalm 22:3  [the Psalm about the
Suffering Messiah]
Happy living!
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Paul Wilson (3 March 2011)

I can’t believe the Westboro nuts won. As I have said before law and morality parted way along time ago and law has never looked back. I don’t think this is a christian thought but I wish God would smite them all. They are hatefully ungodly people and I don’t understand why God doesn’t do something. To apply the term christian to them is woefully wrong. Church of satan would be more accurate for them. While I am certain they will NOT be raptured and that most likely will be killed by the AC I cant see even them bowing down to him I am fairly certain when they die Jesus will say “I never knew ye be gone ye that work iniquity”. In that sense they will face justice and no one to appeal to to overturn their fate.