Michael Colunga (30 March 2011)
"RE:  Susan Waigwa--your post:  "Harvey Troyer""

Hello, John and Doves,
Sister Susan, the explanation of what year we are in is as follows.
The world was created on Tishrei 1, the beginning of the civil year 1.
Tishrei typically starts in September.
The religious calendar, based on God's appointed times (Feasts), starts on Nisan 1, six lunar months
after Tishrei 1, unless it is a leap year--then it is seven lunar months later, including Adar II.
Therefore, the religious calendar lags the civil calendar by six lunar months [or seven, in the case of the Jewish religious year 5770, which ends at sundown, 29 Adar II, or April 4, 2011].
So, while the Jewish civil year 5771 started on September 9, 2010, the Jewish religious year 5771
will start on April 5, 2011--seven lunar months later.
In HaShem [The Name],
Mike C.
Susan Waigwa (29 March 2011)
"Harvey Troyer"

Good morning Doves


Harvey Troyer you wrote on 21 March 2011


According to Raul D. and a number of other Doves, the Jewish Year 5770 (according to the Sacred Hebrew Calendar) started on Nissan 1 (March 16, 2010 at sundown) and will not end until the 29th day of Adar II (April 4, 2011).  According to Raul D’s posts, Nissan 1 on April 5th (actually sundown April 4th) 2011 will start the new Jewish Year 5771, which will then be our year 2011.


Should we not be entering into 5772?  We are currently on 5771 if I am not mistaken.




Susan (South Africa)