Michael Colunga (2 March 2011)
"RE:  Dewey--"Frank Molver re Dimitru""

Hello, John and Doves,
Brother Dewey, I applaud your interest in God's plan for America, to chastise or punish her
for her sins.  However, please realize that most Doves will not rush out to buy the words of
man, over and against the Word of God.  Even tempting books on line do not interest true
Bereans, who are eager to search the Holy Scriptures to see if any man's claim is true.
As such, I believe we would all benefit from your analysis, by way of the Bible, of this
Dimitru's writings.  That way, we will all be fed by scripture--real meat, instead of plastic
imitation window displays.
Be diligent in this, and the LORD will reward you handsomely.  You are diligent if you quote
scripture and give the reference.
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Dewey (28 Feb 2011)
"Frank Molver re Dimitru"

HI Frank, without a doubt I need to understand many things, I do know many on this
site don't all see alike, sure enough.  BUT, I do make timelines out of the material
Dimitru himself put into print years before his passing. And 9-11 was not what he
said he got from the angel who used to speak to him, who now speaks to Michael
as well.  Run the time out Bro, it doesn't add up, re " The time it will take for the
remaining pages to be filled will be less than before."  That time ran out before 1999,
much sooner than 9-11, or anything in 2011.  And surely many on the Doves will
disagree concerning Babylon  and the USA, BUT, read the references again the angel gave to Dimitru, the USA had NOTHING to do with Nebuchadnezzar destroying the temple Solomon constructed, or the one Herod The Great constructed, NOTHING. Its just that I hold these sorts of matters up against history and the scriptures and it just doesn't fit together, the USA had no part in the temple
destructions either time.  Mystery Babylon is only one title, measure it against the
reference in Jeremiah ch 51 vs 8-15, , in particular vs 11, part of which reads : It is the vengeance of the Lord, the vengeance of HIS TEMPLE. This is on pg 145 in Through The Fire Without Burning. It just doesn't fit here as to the USA. The USA didn't exist when the first temple was destroyed.
I have very diligently went thru this since 1992, when I first read his book. And followed his dreams every year since.  And as for the prophecy about The Great Disaster, Las Vegas was listed, NYC, and other cities, pg 142, He showed me all of California, and said, This is Sodom and Gomorah. IN ONE DAY IT WILL BURN."  This was said of Las Vegas, This is sodom and Gomorah. In ONE DAY IT WILL BURN. Then he ( the angel ) showed me the state of New York, Do you know what this is he asked ? I said No.  He said, This is New York, THIS IS SODOM and Gomorhah. IN ONE DAY IT WILL BURN.  Then he showed me all of Florida. This is Florida, he said, THIS IS SODOM AND GOMORAH, IN ONE DAY IT WILL BURN. And none of them BURNED IN ONE DAY as we well know.  Pages 142 and 143. `Copyright 1991, 1992 by Dimitru Duduman.
Perhaps a look thru his book is in order Bro, a first edition of it. I keep two of them in
my library, since 1992.
As for knowing  the man, I also know folks who smuggled Bibles in the Balkans who knew him also, and he seemed to them to be totally lost here in the USA.  They were
active in those countries when Dimitru was still there. They didn't acknowledge these prophecies or him as accurate either, so we can maybe call this point a draw.
So Bro Frank, no hard feelings, but this is where I stand, copy of the book in hand.