Michael Colunga (1 March 2011)
"RE:  Kevin Heckle--Planet X"

Hello, John and Doves,
Brother Kevin, brown dwarfs are not "extremely visible."
At far distances, they can only be detected by infrared telescopes.
Since an infrared telescope is not a backyard item, amateur astronomers have failed to find Nibiru.
Please see this link for more info:  http://coupmedia.org/planet-x-nibiru/nibiru-what-nasa-knows-you-don-t-0702
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Kevin Heckle (26 Feb 2011)
"RE: M. Colunga and Planet X"

I appreciate your cautious tone, "Try the spirits" it is said.  

To quote your article predicting the first conjunction: "March 15, 2011--2.1 AU distant--Saturn, Nibiru, Earth, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus--volcano/earthquake/tidal events".

Consider the distance of Niburu at this 'first conjunction'.  The article claims just 2 weeks from now that Niburu will be only 2.1 AU distance from the earth.  

Now consider Jupiter, our largest planet.  On average, it is about 5.2 AU from the sun.  The earth of course is 1 AU from the sun.  The difference 4.2 would be the minimum distance from Earth to Jupiter, the sum 6.2 would be the maximum.  For the exception of Jupiter being behind or washed-out by the sunlight, it is visible to the naked eye, even when it near the maximum distance (within the visible angle away from the sun).  

So if this Niburu is "four times the size of giant Jupiter", yet currently half of the minimum distance of Earth to Jupiter, wouldn't it be EXTREMELY visible to the naked eye?  Even the 4 major satellites of Jupiter are visible with a good pair of binoculars, yet this gigantic Planet X has somehow been invisibly sneeking-up on earth.  

One of the Niburu myths claims that this planet X is hiding behind the sun or coming from the direction of the south pole.  Neither track could cause it to be geometrically hidden throughout the length of the total year. 

One account says that the mysterious planet is on a 3630 year orbit, bringing it near to us on that interval.  Yet many civilizations with written language were recording their history in the 17th century BC.  Such a catastrophic event would seemingly have been recorded by one of them.

Your apparent skepticism is well-founded.  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs.  When 3/15 comes and 11/22 goes with no Niburu sighting or pole shift, the conspiracy theorists will find a new Niburu.

For instance, I have made the correlation, listing numerous events of 7.0 earthquakes or worse occurring within plus or minus 30 days of the conjunction of earth-Venus-sun, including Haiti within ONE day.  Yet few would believe it.  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/jan2011/kevinh110.htm.  I'll predict that within plus or minus 30 days of 8/14/2011 that there will be a 7.0 or worse earthquake along either a South American fault-line or an Indonesian fault-line.  Maybe even within 5 days of 8/14.  I'll base that on something I discovered in the Book of Job plus real historical and orbital data, not 25 million web pages of Niburu theories.

Kevin Heckle