Mercer (8 March 2011)
"Mark of the Beast---DNA Markers"

Dear Doves,
Another confirmation for me and humbling at the same time.
 Back in LATE January my husband and I watched  the Alien Agenda featuring Gary Stearman, Tom Horn, and LA Mazzurlli
It was excellent....and then it was like God download information to me and I clearly saw that the mark of the beast had to do with our DNA
I got on the computer and researched  as much as I could. I also remembered Tom Horn talking about in ancient times the lore of people being bitten or marked by their genitalia and then developing warts.......Bingo......sexually transmitted diseases
Well, to make a long story short......I wrote a long email to Gary Stearman with my theory that the Mark had to do with DNA markers. That it somehow changes our blood. There is no cure, as in STD's. And it will be just like in the Garden of eden when Satan told Eve, "surely , you will not die"
And this gives new meaning to "corruptable" .......we have corrupt dna......It was so clear to me

American King James Version
Now this I say, brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither does corruption inherit incorruption.

People will take the mark of the beast because they will be promised longevity of life........the "Aliens" will have been revealed, and they will say that they "created us" and they now are going to "fine tune us" because we are dying oto young.. I said "Gary, get this theory to Tom Horn and LA Mazzullli"
I sent documentation also from a site called Project Camolot that deals with this kind of stuff. (WARNING....NOT A CHRISTIAN SITE.....BUT IF YOU WANT  TO SEE WHAT THE EVIL ONE IS UP TOO......UNBELIEVABLE. The people doing the research have no idea they are dealing with demons, they really think this is life from some where else. They investigate mind control, stargates, aliens, New World order, and a coming new age)
Well, I nearly jumped for joy as Gary had LA Mazzulli on expressing my exact theory and had done even furthur research linking the chips that have been found implanted in people with out their knoweldge. There is a doctor who is taking them out and it is amazing what they have found. Prepare to be amazed as LA and Gary discuss  

You will also see LA talk about the light over the temple mount in January. On his daily update Gary thought it might be an Angel. I emailed him imediately with this:
Kris Ulrich
dateFri, Feb 11, 2011 at 1:55 PM
subject Krissie, for Gary-Temple Mount Light-Very very important for Gary and JR to see
Hello again,
I watch you every night........and so watched with interest your comments on the "angel". You said you will watch to see what it will bring.
Now, a few months back their was news about the Gulf of Eden stargate and I ended up on a secular investigative site called Project Camelot
Some really hair raising info. If you have not seen it please do take a look around. I would recommend you get this site to Tom Horn. I think it's way beyond what he has already discovered. It is now evident why his home has been burnt down
NSA has had a project called project IBIS. They are in cohots with the greys, reptilians, artificial life, Mind control, you name it. Inherently EVIL
For some unknown reason I was "prompted" in the spirit to go there. And there was a new link, the IBIS project. So I started reading.......and oh my, Gary, if half this stuff is true......our world is darker than dark.
But look what I found;
U.K Brighton 1984- MK WHISPER initiate
     Instead of having my experiences in Canada, Malaysia, South America and Mexico presented to the world's media, I come back to the UK with my memories erased of ever being in those countries. Now I am back in the UK, I spend time at a flat on the end of Fourth Avenue ( may have been fifth ave- not 100% sure ) in Brighton. This is my 'godmother's' flat, a woman named Jean Greer. Across the road on the corner is some of MI-6 processing centre. This is a house on the corner full of operatives and offices with people sitting in front of computers and walking around with paperwork. Jean, myself and my mother are regularly taken from our flat across the street into this place. MI-6 CLOWN programming takes place here. The man who sometimes comes and gets us, sits in front of me in a room in this place one afternoon around this time ( hard to get a clear look at his face and clothes )- he says to me- "Do you know why you are here?", just as he finishes these words his skin turns white, like he is having a heart attack, I start to feel sick. He takes on the aspect of the 'vampires' from the temple in the Yucatan. I think I start to turn white as well. When I see his face like this it all comes back. I am here because of END TIMES programming. An important aspect of what I was taught in the countries focuses on END TIMES. This is the opening of a stargate over temple mount in Jerusalem and letting in various ET starships which will be aired on television. This is planned to happen soon. I am then escorted out of the building and put into a white car which waits on the corner of the avenue close to the seafront. I am taken to a torture centre which is probably located in London. This is a three level house with a concrete patio at the back. The torture includes killing puppies, eating flesh and excrement, blades stuck up in the left side of groin, 'vomit' sexual abuse to cause bulimia and to not be able to take part in a normal sexual relationship with a normal woman but to only have sexual partners who the handlers put me with for the MI-7/ZYGOTE breeding program.
Gary, I know you can not respond to me. You don't even know me.......but take this information and get a hold of Tom Horn and LA to discuss.
And I am LOOKING UP !!
my name
By Bob Ulrich on October 3, 2010

The Alien Agenda DVD
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Gary Stearman interviews Tom Horn and L. A. Marzulli in a comprehensive review of the biblical fallen angels and their agenda. They discuss Genesis 6, where the “sons of God” lusted after human women and took wives, thus producing giants. They interfered with both animal and human genetics, creating giant animals as well as human hybrids. They introduced the seed of the serpent into the human race. Because of that, God destroyed the world with a flood, saving only those animals and humans that had not been contaminated.

Today, with the proliferation of UFOs, crop circles, cattle mutilations and genetic tampering in labs all over the world, we feel it necessary to address these phenomenon from a biblical perspective. Two of the world’s leading experts, Tom Horn and L. A. Marzulli, lend their expertise to the subject. They discuss how the prophecies of Apollyon falling to the Earth in Revelation 9 and the war with Satan in Revelation 12 lays out their diabolical agenda. (DVD – 3 hours)