Mercer (30 March 2011)
"Faye Lunar =Jewish Solar = Gentile"

 333 days from 11th July 2010 to 8th June, 2011. Furthermore, there were 33 days between 8th June, 2010 and 11th July 2010. Very compelling. However, this has left me with some questions. Solar eclipses are generally viewed as warnings for Israel. The month of June is pretty special to Israel and the giving of the Torah was specific to Israel. All these signs are pointing towards Israel. What throws this theory a little is the "Easter Island" connection which is very Christian oriented.
Faye I will have more on Pentecost.
But lunar is dealing with is Gentile
I'm in a deep study of Pentecost/June. Gosh you have to read a lot and research.