Mercer (10 March 2011)
"Rowina (9 March 2011) HOW DO ANGEL REPRODUCE?"

Rowina (9 March 2011)
"Mercer and All: How do angels reproduce with women?"

Angels are spirit, and one would not think they could reproduce with human
women.  The Bible says they "left their first estate" and did reproduce with
women.  How?  Possibly they did not have sexual relations with women,
but altered the women's DNA so that they reproduced creatures who had
half human DNA and half "other".  The "other" could have come from...where?
Other animals, such as birds?  From DNA synthetically created in labs?
>From DNA not created but altered, as, for instance, chemically altering a
DNA strand to have giant size incorporated?
Really good questions........What I "got" was the DNA is corrupted. Who knows what they did. But I take scripture at face value.....They took them as wives and those wives bore children to them.
But since the Bible says they did take human women as mates, then it must
be that they achieved sexual union in a way unfathomable to us, for they were
spirits, not flesh.What is spirit?? After Jesus was resurrected he was flesh and bone. And I assume he had all his body parts as before his death.......But NO BLOOD.......that is what can be's the blood !!  Did the fallen ones ingest blood? I don't know.......I would have to do a deep study to answer you. 

The Holy Spirit did conceive a "new creature", Jesus, by overshadowing Mary,
and this, too, was not through human sexual relations, but may we assume that
the Holy Spirit is far more powerful and knowledgeable than a fallen angel?You can't compare......Satan and his fallen ones are meger copy cats of what the Holy Spirit can they had to use the knowledge of what they saw at creation

This is mere speculation of mine concerning how the fallen angels may have
effected hybrids.

But it is palpably true, not even slightly speculative, that human DNA has
been corrupted over time.  Most mutations, ones we know of, in any case,
are lethal or negative.  Many diseases are either wholly genetic or produced
by a genetic tendency which can easily be triggered by the environment in
which the genes live.  We live in "entropy", the downward anti-evolutionary
spiral.Is the "Book of Life" a treasure trove of our DNA on record?

I had to laugh, although it was actually tragic, when I overheard some scientists
of Los Alamos having a casual conversation at a new venue in the town.  They
were talking about evolution, and speculating about what things produced good
evolution, or could potentially produce it.  No point in telling them that we are on
a downward spiral called entropy, and evolution is NOT producing good results.

So the fallen angels perhaps can just sit backSitting Back? Hardly......the spirit of lawlessness is very active...Take it from me, I live in Wisconsin ...and watch us on our downward
spiral; they may not have to intervene.  Yet the Bible says they did, speeding up
entropy.  They have have falsely thought that this devolution was evolution, for
the fallen ones seem to be locked into negative imaginations.

Our only hope:  look up, your redemption draweth nigh.  Our God will trump the
designs of man and angels.