Mercer (10 March 2011)
"Faye......This send chills......for all Doves"   The man is oblivious to  God's truth.....unbelievable
Faye we seem to  have a one else here seems to take what I write seriously.
Faye........The whole series Barry posted was fascinating. #5 above reveals info JR Church on Prophecy in the News covered befor Obama was even elected!!
What was disturbing to me was the information in the link Barry posted below. WHY? Because it stated something that I KNEW that I thought was so bizzare it could not possibly be true:
That Obama is artificle Life or cloned as the video states...........I have a fellow dove, Margie, that can testify I told her this a quite while back. But it was so "far out there" I just could not post it here on Doves. I'm reluctant to say this but it seems since December 19, 2009, the Lord has inputted certain "truths" to me. Why? I have no idea. Because I am nothing special in any way.But I KNOW WHAT I KNOW.
We all know that the 9th of AV has never been good for Israel. The 9th of AV this year is August 9th........another 9-11
I am very taken that the man in the videos does not see God's work/hand in everything. Satan's deception is so wide spread. Truly, when one does not know God's Word people will believe anything.........they will get so close to the truth.
This is what I KNOW......Things are going to get even more Bizarre. Why? Because the Father loves us so very much, He wants to make sure we see the signs of His Son's soon return..........True believers are sure to see it.............those who are Christians in name only will miss them.
Looking Up
Look at Pentecost this Year.........June 7-8-9........Sundown, Tuesday, the 7th. All day Wednesday the sundown Thursday the 9th
After watching Barry's posted videos.......YOU ALL SHOULD WATCH...........I "saw"was "given" the info that Obama is not the Anti Christ but he is THE PHAROAH WHO KNEW NOT JOSEPH...........More to come on this
Hi John and Doves,
Barry - your post: - was fascinating - as was Mercer's:-
Discussing different things but both regarding the supernatural. If the theory is correct in the Freeman clip re Obama and family, it would explain a lot. It would explain why no-one can access Obama's records - school, university etc. Never mind his birth certificate!!! If any Doves missed the above 2 posts, I urge you to read and watch the links as well. Fascinating and very weird. Bizarrely enough - they ring true!
God Bless
In Jesus' Beloved Name