MC (7 March 2011)
""Jerusalem UFO...What Does It Mean?" High Tech Israeli Missile Sight Exposed"

"Jerusalem UFO...What Does It Mean?"
From almost the first moment images of the lights flashing above the Temple Mount appeared upon You tube soldiers from the IDF have been quietly laughing among themselves.
      'What these UFO-ologists and other nutty people are calling evidence of the appearance of fallen angels, or aliens as part of their silly UFO theology is nothing more, or less than our new laser targeting software. Those images appear within our guidance systems when we laser a target. The ball falling down is nothing more than a satellite based laser range finder function. Next, look at the four lights that split the target at 90 right triangles. They align the target exactly according to the cardinal directions North, south, east and west. This perfectly measures a targets position using advanced satellite GPS functions.'
      We couldn't get a public response from the IDF, which along with Rafael Industries is denying any responsibility for the laser light display. So, at least until Israel starts selling these systems abroad, the UFO-ologists will continue to cry out about the UFO apearance on the Temple Mount.
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