MC (22 March 2011)
"The Third Fitna"

Dear Doves,
            To most people living in our relative, post-modern culture the sound of repressive islamic rule and a one size fits all approach to life causes two principal reactions; disbelief that such a nightmarish totalitarian society still exists in the 21st Century, or the adoption of a willfully ignorant persona that hides from something as profound as ultimate truth. After all, an 'out of sight, out of mind' worldview protects us from the burden of truth.
            Seemingly endless mind numbing sporting events, 'reality TV' programs, or following every subtle nuance of oncoming celebrity train wreaks like  Fuchishema, or Charlie Sheen fascinates. Promotion of the sleazy and beautiful people of TMZ is infinitely more entertaining than preparing ourselves for terminal war. Our media sewage outlets bump and grinds out useless news  just perverted enough to distract us. If we face periods of deep personal reflection, there is always an altar erected in the living room of every US household. The escape provision sits in everybodies, an  allows the