MC (17 March 2011)
"Understanding Obama's islam"

Dear Doves,
       Many of us have suspected that our President has some strange theology. We've all been appalled by listening to the Black Liberation theology of Rev. Wright. However, I believe we can understand him better if we examine the form of islam he learned as a boy growing up in a extremely disfunctional moslem household.
       Does Obama have a connection to Shia Islam? There are a number of things that indicate to me that he does, especially given the doctrine of Taqiyya. To begin please note his middle name, Hussein. Hussein is Arabic and is not exclusively Shia, but it is the name of the founding martyr of Shia Islam.

That is just the starting point. Here is a list of things:

1. Obama's parent's marriage fits the pattern of
NIKAH MUT'AH, a Shia doctrine for temporary marriage by which a Shia Muslim man may marry a Jew or Christian for a specific period, then the marriage dissolves. Sunnis don't approve of this doctrine. The nature of Obama's parent's marriage is otherwise unknown.

2. Shia Islam tends to be left-wing politically. Sunni tends to be right-wing.

3. Though a minority, Shia Islam has deep roots in Mombasa, Kenya. The Shia are better organized than the Sunni in Kenya. They have an active missionary program and run a number of schools and hospitals.

4. Kenya also has close ties with Iran. Ahmadinejad has visited there and they have signed numerous agreements concerning energy, agriculture, commerce, trade, etc.

5. Obama's relative, Railia Odinga, whom he traveled to Kenya as a US Senator to support, favors Shariah law for Kenya. He was instrumental in bringing about the Iranian-Kenya agreements signed by Ahmadinejad.

5. Obama's chief personal advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was born and spent her formative years in Iran. She has a very favorable view of the country.

6. During the Presidential campaign, Obama said he would sit down with Ahmadinejad and discuss matters without preconditions, in spite of his being a holocaust denier and saying he wanted to destroy Israel.

7. During the campaign Obama also had a private meeting with Hassan Al-Qazwini, Iraqi-born Shia who leads the Dearborn mosque, the largest American mosque. The press was not allowed to be present. They later admitted that they discussed the Middle East and Obama accepted a copy of Qazwini's book, AMERICAN CRESCENT.

8. This same mosque has hosted Black Muslim, Louis Farrakhan, as an "honored guest." So has Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago.

9. After Obama was elected, Iranians danced in the streets and called him "brother." Arabic Sunni clerics, on the other hand, made death threats against him for hiding his identity as a Muslim and accused him of playing the role of "house nigger."

10. During the campaign Obama said he would go after jihadist Sunnis in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but wanted US troops out of Iraq where the Shia are in a majority and are trying to subdue Sunni influence.

11. During the elections in Iran, when the government brutally cracked down on protesters in the streets, there was hardly a voice of alarm or criticism from the Obama administration. Why?

12. Obama decided to send 30,000 plus troops to Afghanistan to fight Sunni Muslim jihadists. Iran and Shia Iraq might find this laudable since their effort is to wrest control of the region from the Sunni.

Given his expressions of favor to Shia Islam, is one not justified in questioning whether or not he may be a crypto-Shia practicing Taqiyya? What has he done to expell that impression? The Sunni do not approve of Taqiyya. But Taqiyya--dissimulation--a Shia doctrine, justifies deception and masquerading, pretending to be of another faith, for the ultimate glory of Islam.