Mary Anna (9 March 2011)
"Michael Colunga (8 March ) Re: my post "Not everyone who says to me 'Lord, Lord'........""

To Michael Colunga:      Thanks very much!  I am WELL acquainted with J. Vernon McGee!  Even though he went to heaven years ago, I can still get him on the radio from time to time.  Everything he says is relevant Today!  He's STILL doing the Lord's work!

  I'm familiar with John Mac Arthur but not Chuck Missler.   My Presbyterian pastor is relevantly young, but able to keep people from going to sleep during sermons and never veers from the Bible.  Having a Meth. minister Dad (as well as a grandmother), there was no way of skipping Sunday School growing up.  My Dad was serious and good but his mother, (Grandma) was a V. McGee type!  She was always making sure everybody was saved and sometimes, as a child, was embarrassing to me with her talking to my friends.  (We lived in a Balto.MD row house.  Grandma lived on the same block.)

I do appreciate your reply,
To God be the Glory!
Mary Anna