Mary Anna (17 March 2011)
"Suzi "Re:"Peace" treaty/declaration question""

Hi Suzi, 

   We know this is a different world than it was a couple years ago, especially in the USA.  The big change came when we voted B.H. Obama as our president.  I can only imagine our Founding Fathers as well as presidents up through Truman are doing flips in their graves over what's happened to America under God, as our Pledge of Allegiance goes, after all the endurances and sacrifices that were made to keep it the most respected country in the world.  That Nobel Peace Prize was not merited and everybody knew it including Obama himself.  It was a political move if there ever was one!  That's when we knew 'something's rotten in Denmark'!  When he became president, we were sure of it!

   The Bible warned us about these times we're living in and why we can REJOICE that we're leaving very, very soon in the Rapture!  PRAISE THE LORD!

   See you in heaven,
    Mary Anna